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The Application Process


Take a placement test online

Take our online placement test, fill in a simple form and get an email notification with your results. Check your answers after completing the test.


Submit the application form

Go to the application form below, fill it in and send it to us. Please include all the requested information in the form correctly.


Come for the interview

Once we receive your test results, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date for the speaking assessment.

Note: Children under age 13 should come to the school for the test and the interview.

Qualified Native English Trainers

Our qualified native English trainers are selected carefully for their experience, qualifications and enthusiasm and are central to your experience at Exclusive International.

Our Range of English Courses

We offer a wide range of English language courses suitable for students of all different ages and levels of English.

Our Exceptional Customer Service

The quality of customer service we provide is of key importance and we strive to deliver the very highest level of service.

Modern Technologies In The Classroom

We combine new tech such as interactive projectors with traditional classroom instruction which helps students to stay engaged and enhance their learning experiences.

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Personal Details

Course Details

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